Why honeycomb blinds are better window coverings.

Honeycomb blinds are increasingly being adopted as a preferred window covering solution across Australia. Compared to conventional blinds, honeycomb blinds deliver better outcomes in key considerations such as privacy, light control, noise reduction and energy efficiency.

Privacy and light control 

Each room in your home has a different light requirement to suit its purpose and ensure optimum comfort. For instance, blockout blinds in the bedroom help with restful, uninterrupted sleep by blocking light that may filter through the window from streetlamps or at dawn. A window covering that supports blockout will be useful for bedrooms.

Honeycomb blinds from Norman Australia offer a broad range of light control options including sheer, light-filtering and room-darkening. Additionally, Norman’s Light Guard can be installed to eliminate light leakage around the blind. You can even combine the light control options by choosing Day and Night Shades, which come with a sheer screen for the day and blockout fabric for extra light and privacy control at night. 

Noise reduction

Honeycomb blinds also have a noise-reducing advantage that places them ahead of conventional blinds and even shutters when it comes to performance. While regular blinds and shutters have sound absorption properties, Norman’s cellular blinds offer better noise reduction capabilities thanks to their unique honeycomb design.

The honeycomb style consists of cellular pockets of fabric that create a layer of insulation and can trap both air and noise effectively. If your home is in a noisy neighbourhood or if you have wooden floorboards in your room, install honeycomb blinds for maximum noise reduction. 

Energy efficiency 

Heat loss and gain through windows account for approximately 30 per cent of a home’s energy usage for heating and cooling. The unique structure of honeycomb blinds contributes to significant energy savings by stabilising the temperature transfer that occurs through the window in summer or winter. Norman’s honeycomb blinds combine advanced materials with a unique construction to maintain comfortable interior temperatures, maximising energy efficiency and lowering energy costs.

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